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Re: Quake 3 Arena.

Hi Sunny,

If you have the full version of Quake 3 for windows, you can use it
with the linux point release (not the demo) available for free
download from loki/ID (it is around 18 MB I think).  It is perfectly
legal to do so although the downside is that Loki Software does not
get any revenue in this case.  So, if most people go this way, Linux
games would never succeed.  But this philosiphical reason should not
stop you from fragging with quake3 on Linux ;-)


>>>>> "Sunny" == Sunny Holani <sunny@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Sunny> Hi, Installed Linux on my new computer... and now I'm
    Sunny> productive again :). Now with a T1 line and all, i can
    Sunny> download my own RH7.1 ISOs and install them, all in a
    Sunny> night. What bliss!

    Sunny> 	Anyway, tried the Q3A demo for Linux, and it works
    Sunny> hajaar better(On muh GeForce 2 ;) than it ever did on
    Sunny> Windows. I have the full Quake3Arena for Windows
    Sunny> (Licensed), and the full Linux version is hard to get... so
    Sunny> I am wondering if..  a) I can upgrade the Linux demo to
    Sunny> full version, using the windows edition's .pak files etc.
    Sunny> b) Would it be legal?

    Sunny> Please help.

    Sunny> Regards, --Sunny.

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