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Re: Burned CD in linux, unable to browse in windhoz

Have you actually checked whether the mounted CDROM is showing shortnames is both Linux and windows 9x/2000

The shortnames will always be generated for compatibility with olders
8.3 based filesystems. Infact when you ask for a translation table to
be generated, it keeps a short-name to actual name translation table
in each directory called TRANS.TBL. So even if you see long names, the
short names would still need to be generated for the translation

Thus these output of shortnames does not mean that the CD is not being
made using your requirements.
- Sandip

P.S. turn on Joliet AND rockridge extensions

On Fri, Jul 06, 2001 at 09:08:42AM +0530, Yashpal Nagar merrily said:
> I tried all the option for joliet it's etc
> These are -R for rock ridge extension
>                -J for joliet  fs for windohuz & Nt
>                 -T Transtable  etc
> it is still saying ...
> Using HUNTERSN.000;1 for  /huntersnshv.html (huntersns.html)
> Using HONEY-US.000;1 for  /honey-usesms.html (honey-uses.html)
> Using HONEY-HU.000;1 for  /honey-huntersns.html (honey-hunters3ns.html)
> Using HONEY-HU.001;1 for  /honey-hunters3ns.html (honey-hunters3.html)
> Using HONEY-HU.002;1 for  /honey-hunters3.html (honey-hunters.html)
> and 
> mkisofs: Error: /software/CD4/file_php/bannerimages/rightsitey.jpg and
> /software/CD4/file_html/bannerimages/rightsitey.jpg have the same Rock
> Ridge name       
> why it is still using short names instead of there actaul names ?and why two
> files of same name at diferent locations says same rock ridge name ?

Sandip Bhattacharya 
sandipb @ bigfoot.com