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Re: Burned CD in linux, unable to browse in windhoz

Windoze uses Romeo and Joliet file systems for its long names
Check the filesystem you used for the cd u roasted
Sunil Dhaka
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Subject: [linux-delhi] Burned CD in linux, unable to browse in windhoz

> Hi Lists,
>      I write one plain html site on the CD in Linux environment,
> It is working perfectly in linux showing the actual file names .. i am
able to
> browse the whole site ..coool
> But when i looks it in windhoz & NT machines the dir
> names & file names gets changed, these gets shorted names, i am unable to
> the same site in windoz & NT.
> Is there any particular option etc while writing to view the same content
> both the OS,
> Please Help !!
> regards,
> Yash
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