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Re: Installation problem with redhat6.1/6.2

On Mon, Jul 09, 2001 at 05:06:33AM -0000, Sandeep Nagar wrote:
>Hello friends
>process "preparing to install" completes and the system is ready to install, but not a single package installs. I'm not able to understand that what specific  problem 
>is it. 
>I'm totally stuck wih this problem and not able to do anything.
>Please help me to getout of this riddle.
I belive the installation system has some problems with ur hardware
why don't u try installing in text mode.or see what the script
is doing.
this is shown on the  4th or 5th tty 
again i don't know much bout Red Hat.

If everything fails

Get A better distribution ;) 

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