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Problem with Mail distribution pls suggest

Hi List

we are using Red Hat virsion 6.0 and it Kernel virsion is  2.2.12-20

because of abnormal shutdown of system due to power failure
1. Incoming mails are fetching normally and delivering  Linux to all user thru win95 but, now it is not going to win95 machine by Ms-Exchange .

2. Linux machine is not connecting to win95 machine by telnet and vice versa, however ping is working fine . 

3. while trying to recover problem by FSCK command, it is not fully recovering all the errors .

We have tried the following till today .......

1. System is Thoroughly checked by Linuxconf command and no discrepancy is found on Networking , mailsystem etc .

2. telnet is installed again on Linux from CD to rectify the connectivity problem but did not help out .

3. Files like .procmailrc etc are checked and found all settings right .