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Re: PQ Boot

    there is a solution of this problem. i read it somewhere.
1) mount your windows partition.

   mount -t    vfat    /dev/hda1    /dos
( this is an example. u should also change /etc/fstab so that it is mounted
at booting as well. i think it is necessary)

2 )  mv    /boot      /boot.sav

3)   mkdir   /dos/linuxboot

4)  cp  /boot.sav/*     /dos/linuxboot

5)  ln -s  /dos/linuxboot       /boot

6)   Make sure /etc/lilo.conf have correct entries.
Then enter the command


With regards
                                                 Vinod Nayak

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>> just boot with disk and after enterring into linux
>> just do#lilo
>> if it shows something with 1024 cylineder then try to
>> install linux iwithin 8 gb or use loadlin option
>> or else if it doesnt show u error that means it will
>> overrride the mbr u  have to run lilo once.
>  kshounish -- you're right, actually. It exceeds, 1024 cylinders. Its at a
>position of 1217 at the moment. -- can I get some help getting that fixed ?
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