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lilo boot

taking the queue... i wanted to ask one more thing...
i know its a bit off topic, but quite relevant..

on a computer, i had both win/linux dual boot using lilo. now when i
reinstall win, the MBR gets over-written, and so the dual boot option is now
unavailable.. ofcourse i had a boot floppy for rescue.. but isnt there any
app in dos which can atleast copy a minimal lilo , wherein, atleast we could
give a "root=/boot/KERNEL" etc... because, otherwise , without a boot
floppy, its a chicken and egg problem. you need lilo for linux, and linux
for lilo. !!

----- Original Message -----
> hi charmie this is
> kshounish
> just boot with disk and after enterring into linux
> just do#lilo
> if it shows something with 1024 cylineder then try to
> install linux iwithin 8 gb or use loadlin option
> or else if it doesnt show u error that means it will
> overrride the mbr u  have to run lilo once.