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Re: PQ Boot

hi charmie this is 
just boot with disk and after enterring into linux
just do#lilo
if it shows something with 1024 cylineder then try to
install linux iwithin 8 gb or use loadlin option
or else if it doesnt show u error that means it will
overrride the mbr u  have to run lilo once.

--- charmie@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I have installed Linux 6.0 along with a Win98
> installation in a system,
> that had Partition Magic 6.0 and Power Quest
> installed. While I tried to
> install LILO, it didn't get installed -- is that
> because, Boot Magic is
> already installed as the MBR ?
>   Normally, Boot Magic gives an option of booting
> into Win or if any other
> OS is installed. But in this case, I'm still having
> to use a Linux boot disk
> for booting into Linux :/
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