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Re: [LIH] Re: FP Extensions for Linux

* Raju Mathur [linux-india] <14/06/01 20:17 +0530>:
> So, how do you install FP on virtual domains using the web interface?
> What's the URL for the ADMIN module?
 There's one thing though - keep a careful watch on the permissions of
 whatever directories (such as _vti_bin) that thing creates.

 IIRC an older version chmodding these 777.  New versions might have fixed
 this - I don't know.

> >>>>> "Sahil" == Sahil Gupta <sahil@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Sahil> Yes Raju! I've used Frontpage Extentions on a Unix Box, I
>     Sahil> must say it is very easy using the Web-Interface I used :D
>     Sahil> Like Help??

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