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PPP - Confused

I tried to use PPP for making a "chota-mota" ISP here. Now " the 'so-called'
server has net access. and a separate modem attached to it.
However I created a ppp user using linuxconf .. on logging in it said -
pppd: only root can execute...
Shifted pppd to /usr/bin from /usr/sbin - I know there r a lot of security
issues but atleast I want to make it WORK!!
Changed permissions to 4755

Now on connecting it says ...
pppd: By default remote system needs to authenticate itself
pppd: (because the system has a default route to the internet)
pppd: but i coud not find a suitable secret (password) for it to use to do so.

Any type of help appreciated ...

Goldwyn :o)