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Re: [LIG] Breaking into schools

Sandip Bhattacharya <sandipb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>I thought of starting off with, what else? - my own school. Even
>though I had passed out about 8 years back, I hope they would still
>give me a chance to talk to them.

Welcome my friend !!!

>Now if I go ahead and approach the principal, I would like to
>represent myself not only as an alumni, but also as part of an
>organisation. Now while, linux-delhi IS there, it is more or less a
>virtual organisation. Also, would members of linux-delhi, consider me
>suitable enough to represent them? The need for association is because
>of the stand that I would like to take, as given below:

Nominate yourself as the Vice President Marketing and go ahead!!! Will
anybody object :-)

>A presentation for Linux would probably be required. This needs to
>emphasise the non-monetary benefits of Linux as much as possible. The
>reason being, that schools like mine don't want to spread the
>impression that (unlike m$ classes) they are offering something to be
>"free". That's a problem with all social conscious schools in

Friend - do not mistake "free" air with "no-price tag". Tell them installing
Linux will call for continious support from knowledgable guy. Either they
learn or get somebody to do it for them.
IMHO - real difference between Windows & Linux is    one expects to keep you
dumb and other expects you to be knowledgable. Highlight that when you sell
Linux to your school. & Best of Luck !!!

- Soumyanath Chatterjee
URL: http://www.geocities.com/soumyanath