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plip problem


i was trying to connect two computers using a parallel cable. i referred to
"plip howto"... installed the modules required parport, parport_pc(irq=7
io=0x378) and plip.  configured the interfaces...on both the computers as and respectively. there is no default route on
both the computers. and lp modules on them are also removed, just in case.

problem: they still cant ping each other.

1: while pinging, both machines say
plip0:transmit timeout(1,7f)

note: the "7f" (on different ping commands) changes to various numbers like
80, 5f etc...

2: the cable is (probably!) fine, and is as according to the serial howto
infact i just bought another new cable, just to make it sure.. and it gives
me the same error.

3: One more thing to note is that the first cable ( had a wire disconnected
and "after correction") started giving indications that there were
"erroraneous transmissions" across the cable, since both the machines
printed (to stderr) "receipt timeout" on each successive ping from the
opposite machine...

4: when i do "ifconfig", the "Link Encap:" for the plip0 interface is given
as "Ethernet" , when a regular PPP link has it as "Point-to-Point" . is
there anything wrong there??

i know, i must be bonkers to be posting such a long question.. sorry for
that then, but i guess i banged my head a bit too much on this one..!!

i hope someone could help
thanx anyways..