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Re: can any one help me

naresh bhai 
it should be better if u see how i did the configuration then i think u
comment out my mistake
on server say

#/etc/rc.d/init.d/ypserv restart
#/etc/rc.d/init.d/yppasswd restart
#/usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m

which setsup the master server
now i am setting same machien as nis client (
#setup-> authenticationtype->nis
which starts ypbind on the server
#ypcat passwd
shows me out put
and #yppasswd honey
changes the passwd of honey also
#i can log on the same machien with the chaged password

now i am going to
# setup and the rest to be done on client part
and the i tried for ypwhich and ypcat 
showing me the same out put as the client on the same server showd me 
but when i do log in 
it tells there is no login called honey 
so logging in /and returns me $bash prompt
can u help me
its nice interacting with u naresh
i am a linux learner on my own and trainer in bigleap academy as

 i had to learn so i tried my level best but at some
juncture i fail so i need a bit help 
 now another thing suppose my nis server nis setup on
then if i want that windows client can also log using the servers nis
password then is it possible ?
i just want that the "user policy checking windows should appear"on
windows and it gets authenticated on linux

secondly if using  samba alsol we can get authentication
then what should be the changes in smb.conf file.
linuxboy kshounish


> linuxboy:
> --- kshounish <root@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > hi naresh i wanted  to set authentication of win9x
> > from linux nis server
> I would use Samba for this.
> > and
> > i know the configuration of nis
> > but the problem i am facinf is
> > suppose
> > is my nis server then ypbind giving me right out put
> > for logins say honey 
> > but from another client say
> > when i am trying to login 
> > its giving no /home/honey directory logging in /
> > and when i am creating honey login on
> > then also its not able to login
> > can u help me what should be done at client
> > /etc/passwd
> Your NIS server setup doesn't seem to be working. You
> are logging in with /etc/passwd on server.
> On client try "ypwhich" and see if it spits out server
> name for you.
> > i heard i have to give +::::::
> > but that doesnt work
> Never heard about it. What is this and where do you
> *give* it.
> > and i think that shoud be used in nis+ not in nis
> Well, try it and let me know how it goes.
> > can u  help me
> > any how thanks for helping me so much 
> > 
> Regards,
> Naresh
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