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Re: can any one help me


--- kshounish <root@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi naresh i wanted  to set authentication of win9x
> from linux nis server

I would use Samba for this.

> and
> i know the configuration of nis
> but the problem i am facinf is
> suppose
> is my nis server then ypbind giving me right out put
> for logins say honey 
> but from another client say
> when i am trying to login 
> its giving no /home/honey directory logging in /
> and when i am creating honey login on
> then also its not able to login
> can u help me what should be done at client
> /etc/passwd

Your NIS server setup doesn't seem to be working. You
are logging in with /etc/passwd on server.

On client try "ypwhich" and see if it spits out server
name for you.

> i heard i have to give +::::::
> but that doesnt work

Never heard about it. What is this and where do you
*give* it.

> and i think that shoud be used in nis+ not in nis

Well, try it and let me know how it goes.

> can u  help me
> any how thanks for helping me so much 


-- Naresh

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