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Re: re: microsoft lying and all!!

well i think u are wrong, vavi,
linux doesn't suffer from being hard to use. who says the gnome gui is not very intuitive.
it suffers b'coz its the 2nd thing e'one uses.
as i said windoze has started infiltrating people's minds. the first thing they see on the comp it WINDOZE. and they keep seeing that for the next 6-7 yrs. i mean how many peopl out there even know that something like linux even exists.
and as for the humanity thing is consideres, i think thats a total "cover-up" look at all the sneers and hatred towards windoze. look at how you (even me) spell windoze. that shows what we really want and mean.
one are linux could improve upon is marketing. it needs some really heavy and intense marketing. i mean its such a wonderful product. cost effective and all.
one drawback is driver support. that can be dealt with

think about it

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