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Re: re: microsoft lying and all!!

ok i know i'll be supporting another inconsequential debate (inconsequential
to the true technical cause of linux user groups...) but anyways..

i find both sides, having a good point here.
saurabh was mostly right, when he mentioned that shifting from win to linux
is something that a common man prefers to keep for the next day. yes, geeks
like us, infact almost all on the list are technically adept to make that
shift over. because we want to (quite rightly as sudhir said). but the point
is. "now", since linux is standing strong enough to challenge as the basic
operating system, there is one "major" sphere to be taken care of.
ease of doing things ... i know that logging in, type "su root" and
password. and typing /etc/ppp/ppp-on is easy to connect to the net. but why
would a lazy bum manager who just has 3 seconds to spare to connect to the
net, want to do this?

i irrefutably accept sudhir's point of view of how linux actually started
with a good intent, and "not" to defeat any operating system. but, well, now
since we are in a position, i think this one more step to making it "easier"
for those lazy people, is not something too much to ask for.

i see linux, going far and wide, (even for those managers at the top of the
work chain), but its just a matter of time. and once more, i repeat... its
"not" that i want to defeat any other operating system. its just that i
would like my os to be the best on all counts.....

that's all.