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Re: re: microsoft lying and all!! [warning: nitpicking]

Hi metalmaniac,

Windoze, Winduhs.  What's the difference?  I mainly use the computer
for games.  And due to the fact that all my games are for Windows,
games = Windows.  My father's set the LILO prompt to recognize "duh"
as "Windows".

-- Shiv JM
P.S. -- This just goes to show that a simple statement such as
metalmaniac made can be turned into, um, something bigger? :-)

>>>>> "metalmaniac" == metalmaniac  <metalmaniac@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

	metalmaniac> [snip]
    metalmaniac> look at how you (even me) spell windoze. that shows
    metalmaniac> what we really want and
    metalmaniac> [snip]