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Apache JServ

                       Dear Friends,

                       I want the Apache Server serve JSP files. I got the
JServ C files from
                       the PC-Quest CD. I am using MAndrake and it din't
have apxs so I used
                       the old apxs (by installing apache-devel 1.3.9-4)
from the PC-Quest
                       CDs.I am using Apache 1.3.14-2. I compiled using
apxs -c -o mod_jserv.so
                       *.c and included in tomcat.conf which in turn was
used in httpd.conf.
                       Now on restarting apache it gives me a warning -
Loaded DSO
                       modules/mod_jserv.so uses plain Apache 1.3 API, this
module might crash
                       under EAPI! (please recompile it with - DEAPI.
Though it is just a
                       warning the server refuses to serve any jsp pages.
Now, how do i go
                       about re-compiling it and what do EAPI and DEAPI
stand for?

                       Moreover Apache is not able to recognise the
examples directory - Well
                       there is some problem with their directory settings
but i was able to
                       set it right.

                       Thanx in advance
                       Goldwyn :o)