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Re: [Celeron Vs Duron]

AT Mother board have lot of options which are not there in seven scoket mother
U will get three big DIMS for RAM, socket seven boards has only one
And ATX boards has dual key ports,mouse ports (com) etc.
Go for ATX, it will support upto 2 GHZ of processors
Go for SIS AGP 4 MB RAM.... good card


"sumeet sharma" <sumeetsharma30@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am planning to buy a new system. I am told that AMD-Duron/Biostar 
Motherboard beats the Celeron/Intel motherboard combination hands down. Is 
it true? Please advise me on an ideal combination
I am thinking on these lines:
AMD Duron 733MHz/Celeron
BioStar Motherboard/Intel Motherboard 815E with AGP support
128MB ram
20GB HDD(7200 rps)
AT cabinet(Why should I be going for ATX? if someone can please elaborate)
LG 15" monitor
AGP card(Should i go for it or not...i do like NFS!!:-)

Please guide me on this..


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