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PixelView PlayTV pro with RH 7.0 problem

Hi Lokesh,
  I got your email off the net. Hope you dont mind. I
read your posting quite awhile back regarding the
PixelView TV Tuner card with Linux. 

  I just bought a PixelView Play TV pro (tv tuner + fm
radio + teletext +remote), but I couldnt get it to
work under linux or win2000 with my machine.

under linux, i used xawtv, and win2K, i used the
original drivers/applications supplied, but both of
these hang when i launch the applications. It not only
hangs, it also jams up the keyboard and the whole
system. I cant even use the cntr-alt-del to reboot. I
got to physically press the reset btn.

fyi, my configurations as below:

Pentium-pro 200MHz
video card: S3 Virge
mem: 64 Meg
OS: dual boot; win2000 & RH Linux 7.0 (2.2.16)

Hope you can help me out on this. Any help is greatly
appreciated. Thank you.

btw, i am CC'ing to the
linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx grp, but not sure if
it can get thro. if not, please help me post this out.


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