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Re: PixelView PlayTV pro with RH 7.0 problem

Hi Choon,

>>>>> "Choon" == Choon Hooi Ng <choonhooi@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Choon> Hi Lokesh, I got your email off the net. Hope you dont
    Choon> mind. I read your posting quite awhile back regarding the
    Choon> PixelView TV Tuner card with Linux.

Yes, I really don't mind helping (that's why I'm a member of this list ;)

    Choon>   I just bought a PixelView Play TV pro (tv tuner + fm
    Choon> radio + teletext +remote), but I couldnt get it to work
    Choon> under linux or win2000 with my machine.

Mine is without a fm-radio and teletext.  So I can't help you with
those two features atleast.

    Choon> under linux, i used xawtv, and win2K, i used the original
    Choon> drivers/applications supplied, but both of these hang when
    Choon> i launch the applications. It not only hangs, it also jams
    Choon> up the keyboard and the whole system. I cant even use the
    Choon> cntr-alt-del to reboot. I got to physically press the reset
    Choon> btn.

You have'nt mentioned the bttv options you are using.  Are you just
using the default settings which were auto-detected by RH 7.0?  If
yes, you need to edit your /etc/modules.conf file.  Here is the
relevant portion from mine:

------- start ----------
options bttv card=37
alias char-major-81 bttv
options tuner type=5 
options lirc_gpio gpio_mask=0x1f00 gpio_lock_mask=0x8000 gpio_xor_mask=0 soft_gap=400 sample_rate=12
alias char-major-61 lirc_gpio
------- end -----------

You should then restart your machine and run xawtv.  Do set the TV NORM
and video source correctly.


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