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Re: Help required regarding Debian

Download two more things
1, dpkg    source find it out on debian site itself in source packages
2, alien(optional)     to convert deb to rpm or tgz and vice versa
    after compiling and installing dpkg under RHL
    and open and view the contents using midnight command or `mc`
    else, after compiling the dpkg use alien to convert the deb to rpm
     using  alien -r what_ever.deb

regarding the second part
Better use GRUB see my article in Linuxgazette March issue on Grub
everything is xplained

Vikrant Shokeen wrote:

> Hi all,
> After hearing to all you Debian Enthusiasts ('bout how great it is) I
> decided to give it a try. before installing the same I downloaded a file
> debian-guide-all.deb from the Debian site(it contains the installation and
> user's guide). As the name suggests this ought to be a Debian file. how can
> I read this file(before installing Debian)? I have RHL 7.0 installed on my
> box.
> another question is that how can I install Debian along with RHL with both
> sharing same swap space.
> thanks in advance.
> Vikrant
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