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Re: Help required regarding Debian

    I think there is no need to read this guide. if required, download plain
text version of this guide.

 now how to install debain. u need a free partition for this. just boot the
computer with debain CD follow the instructions and assign this free
partition as root partition for Debian linux and swap partition u r using in
RH as swap partition. I hope u won't find any problem.
                   In fact there is no problem in using same swap partition
in diff. Linuxes. At a time only one which is running is using it.
            Just use same swap partition  entries in /etc/fstab for both.
  /dev/hda2         none     swap

Vinod Nayak

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Subject: [linux-delhi] Help required regarding Debian

> Hi all,
> After hearing to all you Debian Enthusiasts ('bout how great it is) I
> decided to give it a try. before installing the same I downloaded a file
> debian-guide-all.deb from the Debian site(it contains the installation and
> user's guide). As the name suggests this ought to be a Debian file. how
> I read this file(before installing Debian)? I have RHL 7.0 installed on my
> box.
> another question is that how can I install Debian along with RHL with both
> sharing same swap space.
> thanks in advance.
> Vikrant
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