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Re: kernel compile in 2.2.16 on i686

You haven't given the details as to how you went about
it. hence it will be difficult to comment. I would
suggest you go thru the documentation that comes with
the sources and go thru the process once again. If the
error still persists, please give the details of the
procedure you followed along with your system

--- "Amitoj Singh Sukhija , Gurgaon"
<amitoj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Hi,
> I was trying to do a kernel compile on RH7.0.
> When i give "make bzImage" or "make zlilo", then
> after making vmlinux, it
> gives an error saying....
> .........
> Root device is (3, 2).
> Boot sector 512 bytes.
> Setup is 3556 bytes.
> System is 1837 kB
> System is too big.  Try using modules.
> Can anyone please tell me how do i proceed to make a
> bootable kernel image?
> Regards,
> Amitoj.
> PS: I have enabled the "loadable module support"
> option in config.
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