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here is ur kernelk upgrade tutorial

use the following technique

lets think that ur kernel is linux-2.4.3.tar.gz
dio the following steps
note keep ur tar file in /usr/src
#cd /usr/src
#rm linux
#tar -zxvf linux2.4.3.tar.gz(if at last bz option is
there then go for
tar -xIvf  linux-2.4.3.rpm
#mv linux  linux-2.4.3
#ln -s linux-2.4.3 linux

#make dep
#make clean
#make bzImage
#make modules
#make moduels_install
#cp /boot/vmlinuz  /boot/vmlinuz.old
#cp arch\i386\boot\bzImage /boot/vmlinuz
#cp arch\i386\boot\System.map /boot/System.map

the open the file /etc/lilo.conf
there u will find the entry as
image=/boot/vmlinuz.2.2.8(like something)
label =linux
root=/dev/hda1(like something)

dont do any thing to this but
just copy
this for line just below
and there ur formay \t should be
image=/boot/vmlinuz.old(like something)
label =oldlinux
root=/dev/hda1(like something)

then last step is /sbin/lilo
then next time
u boot  check at the lilo boot promt whether inew
images have come or not by
pressing tab
if it there u will find   linux and old linux
boot writing linux
the kernel u will get is new kernel.
thanks regards.

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> Hi
> I want to upgrade linux 6.0(2.2.5-15smp) to kernel
2.4.3. Can someone
> tell me the steps.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards
> Sanjay


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