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Re: [TROLL] License of messages sent to he list

> Been thinking about this for some time: 
ah! u do that too??? im impressed.<grin>

> Would everyone agree that a messages posted to the mailing list (LI,
> LD, LIG, etc) is public property as long as credit is given to the
> author?  In other words, can we implement some sort of relevant open
> license on all messages posted to the mailing list by default?
> Something along the lines of:
i am sorry to disagree... this entire concept of liscencing is going a bit
too far. liscensing is pardonable to a limit. but now u wanna pollute this
list with that bull too??? i think this is a mailing list. lets keep it a
mailing list. we are only sharing problems and solutions to those
problems(cutting a little slack for the wild-ones)... lets keep things
next ull say lets take out a liscense on whatever we speak. its stupid.

let everyone use what we have to say. if the guy is brilliant enuf to use
our thoughts for making a little or lot of money... its fair. ifu want
to... do it. no ones stopping u.