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Re: pppd problem

It can be even a problem with the phone line. It happened to me last week,
and for the whole week, wvdial detected carrier prompt, but never a password
prompt, and it said "don't know what to do, hoping for the best". And I 
was never connected. Since it was working fine till then, I suspected
the telephone line(The notorious DoT). And I was right. After 5 days of
frustration, now everything is just working fine. So double check your
phone line too. It may not always be that Linux is at fault.

Vivek khurana <vivekkhurana_in@xxxxxxx> had recently mailed thus:
>>   I am facing a problem in connecting to the net i am using wvdial my problem
>>  When i use wvdial it connects to server and detects a carrier but after some

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