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Re: want three operating syatem

i did this is in a different manner,
i have win98, winNt and Linux on the same system.
Sanjeev's method is the most comprehensive method i have ever heard, looks
like he's mastered the art...
neway when i tried that i faced a problem of 1024 cylinders so i followed my
own method, here goes
use some utility to partition ur disk as 30Mb, 2GB, rest ne way u like..
(use partition manager or disk manager or something)
First install Win98 on first 2BG partition) , then winNT on the same
partition as Win98 (saves space so u wont have to bother about 1024 cylinder
then install linux and as sanjeev sayz, install Lilo on the first partition
and one more thing mount the /boot on the 30MB partition u created
earlier... and the rest of the stuff newhere u like....

get back in case of ne probs...

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> On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Lalit Sharma wrote:
> > i want win ME
> > win NT
> > and LINUX all hree of then on a single machine
> >
> > plese do the needfull asap.
> Done.  Installed and booting.
> Bye.
> Seriously.  Install ME, the NT.  Ensure NT uses FAT, not NTFS.  NT will
> now display a menu at boot.
> Install linux.  Ensure that Lilo installs on partition, not MBR.  Then, if
> your partition is /dev/hda4, mount the NT partition as /mnt, and
> dd if=/dev/hda4 of=/mnt/bootsect.lnx count=1 bs=512
> Do this each time you rerun lilo in Linux
> In NT, look at c:\boot.ini, and add the approriate line.  I am not quoting
> the line to add, as a hurdle you MUST cross.  It is trivial, but I want to
> ensure that you read this mail as a part of the "bigger picture", and not
> blindly implement it.
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