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Re: want three operating syatem

There are many methods. The fastest I have found is
1. Create a small fat partition of about 100mb ( and make it active using
the win9x fdisk )
2. Install NT on an extended partition
3. Install ME on another extended partition
4. Do a boot environment repair of NT ( else NT wont boot after u install
5. Now install Linux ( take care to install lilo on the MBR to make lilo
give you the option of linux /dos boot) (if you choose to boot into dos ...u
will get the option to boot between NT / ME)

Plan out your partitions carefully else you will have to repeat the process.
( Most partition softwares suck bigtime and anyway they prepare you to be
ready for a crash hence avoid using them... stick to the partition tables
created by the OSes)
Sunil Dhaka