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Re: Re: mose problem

sandeeep bharadwaj <sandeepbharadwaj@xxxxxxx> writes:

>|hi vivek!!
>|most probably ur mouse port is misconfigured!!
>|u will have to manually change it to the port u have got !
>|usually it is one of /dev/cua0 to /dev/cua3 (COM1 to COM4 in windows)

I think those ports would be ttyS0 and ttyS1 for comm
and psaux for PS/2 not cua*

>|u will have to change a file whose name i m not able to recall right now but
>|it is in the /etc directory!
>|see if u can do something else get back to me!
the file for X configuration is XF86Config
in /etc/X11
the file is divided into section

FONT] files
Display adaptor
] check that  file and find the problem
>|Vivek Khare <vk_khare@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>|Dear Linux Family Members,
>|I have a 450 MHz CPU i810 board with 64 MB RAM, logitech dexaa mouse with
>|buttons and Red hat 6.2 installed everything is running except the mouse, even
>|Windows etc. are running but even from the installation time mouse is not
>|now I am unable to work properly please help me out.
>|Resolution of the system and color depth is also a problem it is taking only
>|bit 600*480 resolution.
>|Waiting for reply
>|Vivek Khare
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