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Re: mose problem

hi vivek!!
most probably ur mouse port is misconfigured!!
u will have to manually change it to the port u have got !
usually it is one of /dev/cua0 to /dev/cua3 (COM1 to COM4 in windows)
u will have to change a file whose name i m not able to recall right now but
it is in the /etc directory!
see if u can do something else get back to me!

Vivek Khare <vk_khare@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Linux Family Members,
I have a 450 MHz CPU i810 board with 64 MB RAM, logitech dexaa mouse with
buttons and Red hat 6.2 installed everything is running except the mouse, even
Windows etc. are running but even from the installation time mouse is not
now I am unable to work properly please help me out.
Resolution of the system and color depth is also a problem it is taking only
bit 600*480 resolution.

Waiting for reply

Vivek Khare

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