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Re: Re: X problem

>    i am using redhat 6.2.
go to the intel site and search for the rpm files for the intel 810 graphics
drivers. I remember doing this sometime back, so i don't remember where
exactly the files are, but basically it is a set of 3 files, one file
describes the whole procedure, one is a kernel module and the third is a x
server. U need to download these and then just follow the instructions! I
hav done this on a rh 6.2 system, and things work fine!

> > i have intel 810 vid card .
> > i have configured it for X , but i only get the resolution of 640x480
> only.I have heard that intel810 supports more than 640x480 resolution ,
> why arent i geting that kinda resolution.
> What distro/version are you using?

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