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Re: X problem

--- Harshal Vaidya <harshalx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> i have intel 810 vid card .
> i have configured it for X , but i only get the
> resolution of 640x480 only.I have heard that
> intel810 supports more than 640x480 resolution , the
> why arent i geting that kinda resolution.
> --Harshal Vaidya

Dear Harshal

Which distribution are you using? I'm also having the
i810 card, and it's working prfactly fine with RedHat
7.0. Here are few pointers which may help you:

Redhat's support for i810:

Intel's support page:


Chandresh Pant
URL : www.chandresh.org
email: chpant@yahoo, mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, chpant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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