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Re: Glibc - configuration and system unable to function

Hi Andrew,

What do you mean by "No program functions".  The programs in /bin are
linked with the libraries in /lib only, so they should probably work.
If your libraries are really corrupted, you can try the following:

1. At lilo: give the command
   linux init=/bin/ash.static
   (You may or may not have this program installed)

2. You will now get a shell, do this:
   echo /usr/lib > /etc/ld.so.conf

Best of Luck,

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew John <andrewljohn@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Andrew> Hi, Guess what, I messed up my system this morning.

    Andrew> Problem: 1. I downloaded the glib-1.2.9.tgz source and
    Andrew> installed 2. changed the path in /etc/ld.conf 3. ran
    Andrew> ldconfig 4. Now no program functions
    Andrew> Distribution : Red Hat 6.1

    Andrew> I have tried to upgrade my system by using the
    Andrew> installation disk.  It upgrades the system but does not
    Andrew> boot.  It gives an init:
    Andrew> /usr/local/lib/glib2.../lib...so.6 cannont be found error.

    Andrew> Does this mean I am done for and have to reinstall and
    Andrew> reconfigure all over again or is there a more logical way
    Andrew> out?

    Andrew> Regards Andrew P.S. I dont have any offline
    Andrew> documentation. just need to boot my system as it has too
    Andrew> much data.  Can I do a fresh installation/upgrade without
    Andrew> formatting the disk as this will erase all my data?

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