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Re:[OT] PDA+Cell phone suggestions

Hell, this one's only 1900MHz... won't work here!

I think I'll stick to the Communicator if I get one cheap.  Atleast it
has a keyboard :)

>>>>> "Krishnan" == Krishnan Venkatachalam <vk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Krishnan> Raju, The one GSM based Palm stuff that is available is
    Krishnan> an attachment module called visorphone piggybacking on
    Krishnan> the Handspring Visor's expansion slot.

    Krishnan> Here is the Visorphone FAQ link.

    Krishnan> http://www.handspring.com/products/visorphone/faqs.jhtml

    Krishnan> http://www.handspring.com/products/visorfamily/whichvisor.jhtml

    Krishnan> ---VK

    Krishnan> ------------------------------------------------ An
    Krishnan> alpha version of a web based tool to manage your
    Krishnan> subscription with this mailing list is at
    Krishnan> http://lists.linux-india.org/cgi-bin/mj_wwwusr

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