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Re: [OT] PDA+Cell phone suggestions

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Ankur Rohatgi wrote:

Ankur> Hi Raj ,
Ankur> I use an Ericsson R380s , have been for a couple of months now . I think 
Ankur> its great , i used to carry a Palm and a phone and now i just carry one 
Ankur> device. It is bigger than a lot of phones available nowadays , but it is 
Ankur> surprisingly light .

Ankur> Compared to others , its the screen that is great . The size and the 
Ankur> horizontal layout give you a lot of space .

Ankur> The Epoch OS is currently locked so you can mess with it , in the next 
Ankur> software release they plan to release it so you can make modifications. The 
Ankur> synchronization is good with Lotus Organizer , never tried any other PIM , 
Ankur> the email synch works only with Outlook , so i dont think i will ever use 
Ankur> that aspect . Although in Win2k it does not synch every time , some issue 
Ankur> with the OS , in 9x its great.

Synch is good on win9x. Cannot synch with a Mac. Cannot synch with a Palm
either. If you use a Palm, be prepared to maintain a separate contact
list with the R380.

Ankur> The WAP aspect is good , i use Airtel tango , but i think it is mainly of a 
Ankur> novelty value . At 19.2 kpbs it really does not help much. What is really 
Ankur> usable is the POP email client that can dial multiple ISP and pick/send 
Ankur> email from/to multiple POP accounts.

WAP is a bit of a hype Id say. Multiple POP is great.No provision for
attachments though.

Well, Id say right now Raju wait for a Palm OS based cellphone. I believe
Kyocera has one already. The OS on the Ericsson is not as good as that on
the Palm. I think the Palm OS is a whole lot more intutive. Also on the
Ericsson you are limited by the range of software available. The Palm
software range is quite good. Both Palm and Handspring have plans to hook
their PDAs to a GSM phone. I guess it shouldnt be too long before that
actually happens.

Id recommend a Palm based cellphone.