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Re: [OT] PDA+Cell phone suggestions

Hi Raj ,
I use an Ericsson R380s , have been for a couple of months now . I think its great , i used to carry a Palm and a phone and now i just carry one device. It is bigger than a lot of phones available nowadays , but it is surprisingly light .

Compared to others , its the screen that is great . The size and the horizontal layout give you a lot of space .

The Epoch OS is currently locked so you can mess with it , in the next software release they plan to release it so you can make modifications. The synchronization is good with Lotus Organizer , never tried any other PIM , the email synch works only with Outlook , so i dont think i will ever use that aspect . Although in Win2k it does not synch every time , some issue with the OS , in 9x its great.

The WAP aspect is good , i use Airtel tango , but i think it is mainly of a novelty value . At 19.2 kpbs it really does not help much. What is really usable is the POP email client that can dial multiple ISP and pick/send email from/to multiple POP accounts.

You probably made a typo in your email , thats GPRS . I use it in USA for net connections , i think the phones with that high speed connectivity are still far away . Although some parts of USA are using a new system called Ricochet , thats 128k .

I did see the new nokia , the colour screen is awesome but the size is much bigger although it has a keyboard . The Ericsson has handwriting recog or a screen based keyboard . Pretty ok if you wanna do email and sms but writing a novel might be a bit tedious.

Stay away from the Motorola , i used it for a couple of days . Major problems , firstly the games are in Chinese no matter where you buy it from . It does not have a keypad , so you tap your finger on the screen leaving major fingerprints . And whipping out the stylus every time you wanna call is not very nice. The menu system is a mess and you will take forever to find a menu option .

hope this helps ,
- Ankur.

At 01:08 PM 3/19/2001, you wrote:

Was planning to pick up a PDA+Cell phone in the near future (those of
you who know me also know how I hate carrying gadgets around, and
seperate PDA and Cell would be too much).  Of course, I could wait a
couple of months and get a GRPS device, or another couple for
BlueTooth, or till the end of the year for the Motorola+Palm device or
another couple for 100Gbps connectivity, but I figured that that way
I'd be in my grave before I made a decision.

So the current choice seems to basically narrowed down to:

Nokia Communicator 9210 (currently top of my wishlist)
Ericsson R380 (or [A-Z]380)
Motorola Accompli A6188

Anyone have any good/bad experiences with any of these?  Cost,
features, usability, compatibility, service, etc. would be helpful.

Also in the market for 2 used Palm's, if anyone's got 'em for sale.


-- Raju
Raju Mathur          raju@xxxxxxxxxxxxx           http://kandalaya.org/

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