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Re: Proxy Server

On Sat, 17 Mar 2001, Goldwyn asked:

>I want to setup a proxy server thru linux whose clients wud be Windoze 98. I
>have an IP thru the network which is dedicated connection (currently I am
>accessing the net thru that, it is linux box). Now I want it sharable to the 
>rest of the network too which are win 98. Please tell me how do I go about 
>it, in detail, including Samba config if reqd. and if it is long (and have 
>the patience to answer such a big one) please mail me personally.

	Thats a lot of stuff at once! Why dont you start with
/usr/doc/HOWTO , and /usr/doc/LDP/ (if you have that), and then come
with specific questions? :)

-- Sunny.


LDP = Linux Documentation Project. If you dont have it on the system, go
to www.linuxdoc.org , and look specifically at the Network Administrators