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Re: [LIH] A small survey, if you don't mind

I have received around 35 answers to the questionnaire, and have finished
compiling it quite easily, with VIM.  ;-). Ajay kumar had asked about
the survey results being put up at linux-india website. I don't know
how that could be done, List Seniors if interested  may suggest about that.
The compiled results and all answers that I received have been posted at my
web page -- www16.brinkster.com/vsuresh. Find all details there.
I shall keep updating the results as I receive more responses.

Many haven't answered yet, and I am expecting theirs too!

Dwivedi Ajay kumar <ajayd@xxxxxxxxxx> had recently mailed thus:
> On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, V.Suresh wrote:
 	And what about it being the first Item on linux-india-website?
> 	Bye and Enjoy Life...
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