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Re: [LIH] mutt problem

V.Suresh forced the electrons to say:
> In mutt, when I write mails, the user-defined headers are there. But
> when I send the mail, the user defined headers aren't sent. What could
> be the reason?


If you are talking about the headers OS: and MUA: that you wanted to be
sent, they reached me perfectly. Here is what I got:

OS: Linux 2.2.16
MUA: Mutt 1.2.5i, Fully Loaded!

3 points I'd like to add:

1. User defined headers should be prefixed with X-.
2. Mutt default installation sends a User-Agent: header. So, no need to
   add that MUA: header of yours.
3. Don't underestimate mutt - it is the greatest MUA that has been
   designed ever.

Binand [your personal mutt support engineer - on LIH]