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Re: [LIH] Mutt doubts ( Four in all :-) )

V Suresh rearranged electrons thusly:

> I am not understanding much about mutt. The documentations too don't
> clarify much. So I post my doubts here:
> 1. There was a /root/Mail dir, which had inbox, outbox, etc.
>     After reading previous messages thru mutt, I deleted all
>     messages in inbox, then the box itself is gone.How do I 	    create
> a inbox?

echo "test"|mail root

By the way, dont use the root login for sending and receiving mails.  Go in
only for admin / config tasks (and that too, preferably using su)

> 2. What does mutt do when I ask it to send a message after      
> composing one? Where does it keep the unsent messages and  how  do I
> send them from the command line to my ISP?

Like I said in my previous mail, please read http://www.hserus.net/dlhowto.html
- it explains configuring fetchmail + sendmail + mutt.


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