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Re: alsa problems


> My advice would be to use a kernel later than 2.2.14. May be 2.2.16, or
> better still, 2.4.x which has inbuild support for i810.

Yeah, support that sucks. Bigtime. Its probably got something to do with the
buffering, but running mpg123 when using 2.4 inbuilt drivers, the sound
would skip when i as much as scrolled in 'less'. With Alsa, I guess, nothing
less than beating your speakers with a bat would make that happen.

> > i had installed/configured alsa so nicely and was so proud as it worked
> > just fine. then i restarted my pc and wollah. this is what i got when i
> > tried to initialise the driver

Damn! SuSE's making me braindead. Dunno exactly, But did you make sure you
initialize the modules in the correct sequence in the modules.conf ? Can you
tell me how you configured it in the first place? On RedHat, i fiddled with
the conf.modules for long enough, but it didnt seem to work... so what i did
was 'insmod'ed them in the correct sequence in my /etc/rc.d/boot.local .
Maybe you'd like to try that.

-- Sunny.