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Re: 2.4.1 + XFree86 4 for i810


> I don't what problem you have with X under i810. It is very easy.
Actually, I too have i 810 m/b, and the RH 6.2 installed X 3.3.6, and I had
to do a little
> tweaking to get 24 bit color, and 800x600 resolution. Then, a month back I
downloaded X 4.0 .tgz files, installed it, and it too is working fine, after
> minor adjustments to XF86Config. Please be specific on what your problem

Uhm, doesnt look like I have a problem with my XF86Config . I've got SuSE
running for now, XF4 and all, but it said something like....

"i810.o -- Failed to reference some_function_name_here() ! This should not
happen! "

on my Debian box.

Any clues there? Looks like its time to send in my first bug report :)

-- Sunny.