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Re: [OFFTOPIC] Runtime Patching for code

Hi Aditya,

Well, first of all there are restrictions on the kind of PATCH that you like
to put in.

Since you are using Vxworks, well,  although u can , i repeat you can( i
know many of my friends will readily jump to conclude that they cant) do
runtime patching for code and if you are not using a single ".x" for example
to execute , you can dynamically load the new .o by connecting to the target
and create a new task(forking in Unix jargon) and delete the old one(kill of
Unix jargon) is no static variables/structures are involved.

But of course, this is an independent process.

I dont know whether i was able to explain the thoughts.


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> Hi,
> Does anyone have any idea how I can go about applying a patch to a running
> application without needing to restart the app  ?
> I need this to aply bug-fixes to my program but I cannot restart the
system or
> the application.
> Platform : VxWorks , C
> thanks and regards
> Aditya
> P.S : Though I have mentioned off-topic , I guess the query is more
> than the junk being posted on this list lately.
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