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At home I am working on a

model name      : Pentium II (Deschutes)
cpu MHz         : 267.278075
cache size      : 512 KB
bogomips        : 532.48

Machine with 

MemTotal:     94456 kB

memory and 10 gb disk 

/dev/hda1   *         1       921   7397901    b  Win95 FAT32	/mnt/mp3
/dev/hda2           922       985    514080   83  Linux			/mnt/hurd
/dev/hda4           986      1245   2088450    5  Extended		
/dev/hda5          1055      1245   1534176   83  Linux			/
/dev/hda6           986       998    104391   82  Linux swap	swap
/dev/hda7           999      1054    449788+  83  Linux			/home

with the primary 6 gb partation full of mp3's
The reason its still is fat is because I don't trust ext2 with 
mp3's once i lost all of them to a fsck mishap.

Ok now for the FUN (pronounced phun) part

All I do with my machine is listen mp3's and check mail (I use
Postfix+Mutt+vim for it )
This seems to be a horrible waste of resources so I'm letting
my machine go.

All I need is 

all console based

And I am looking for a Low end  replacement machine.
Preferably a Laptop.

A Pentium class machine will be a treat but I'm happy
with anything as long as it can connect to the net via 
both modem/lan.

I would like to have a machine that decode mp3's
(at least a 486 100 with 32 ram)

but I can also do without it.

If you or someone you know is throwing a similar machine out
Pls tell me I'll be the one doing the catching.


If you
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