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Re: MP3 to cd

> >simple way to do is to convert mp3 to wav and then burn the wav files
> >cdrecord! U can surely get mp3 burning front ends for cdrecord at
> >just go there and search for frontends for cdrecord and mkisofs (i don't
> >remember which one, but some of them i had seen had support for this!
> Can I manke a image and then burn it later
> and if i can is joliet is the format.
no you  can't make an image. An audio cd doesn't need to have an image, as
the original cd format (the audio cd format) is different from the data cd
formats. The data cds use an image, because u r basically fitting data into
an audio cd layout! (using different encoding schemes, etc, but the basic
layout is that of an audio cd). The audio cd is organised as an index
followed by audio data. When u use cdrecord under linux, cdrecord picks up
indivijual wav files, and then writes them to the cdr, it then calculates
the toc and writes it to the cd. Normally this is done using the track at
once method, where u write one audio track at a time! The only problem with
this method is that most cd recorders introduce a 2 second gap between the
tracks (as required by the cd specs, but something that is not followed by a
large number of audio cds!!) On the other hand, if u r using disc at once
recording (dao), the process is somewhat different. the cd recording
software will start by writing the lead in track, then the toc and then all
the audio tracks (or the data track) followed by the leadout! This gives you
maximum control over the cd creation (things like track gaps, track
indexing, etc!) I don't know how well cdrecord supports the dao mode. There
seems to be another program called cdrdao for linux that is made for doing
dao cdr recordings. I have never used that! Also i hav never used the dao
mode of cdrecord under linux. Personally for audio cd recording, the best
program that i hav found is CDRWin (as the name states, it works under
windows!!!). It allows me to do any kind of tricks i wan't with an audio cd,
and it has a simple mp3->audio cd mode (just add all the mp3 files, and
select record)

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