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Re: MP3 to cd

Hello Pankaj,

>>>>> "Pankaj" == Pankaj kaushal <apenguinhead@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Pankaj> I want to Burn My mp3's to a cd and make a audio cd.  No
    Pankaj> not a cd of mp3's dude An audio cd that works on cd
    Pankaj> player.

Making an Audio CD is quite easy under linux.  I have made it a couple
of times.  Here are the steps.  It assumes that your CD recorder is
otherwise configued under linux (like SCSI emulation etc.).

You don't need to convert your mp3 to wav first.  If you have a
fast-enough PC, you can directly pass the decoded mp3 stream to your
CD recorder.  

Repeat the following line for all the mp3 you want to record:

# mpg123 -s filename.mp3 
     | cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 speed=4 -audio -pad -swab -nofix -

Making a small script might help.  Just make sure that you remain
safely below the CD limit of 74 minutes.

Then you need to do this (important):

# cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 -fix

Of course, you need to give appropriate values for "dev" in your
system, as well as for "speed".

Hope this helps,

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