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Re: MP3 to cd

On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Pankaj kaushal wrote:

> So you think Linux rocks.
> Eat this:
> I am runnin a nice debian box
> which has linux 2.4-test 9 

finger @finger.kernel.org

> and I am happy i play quake 

Which quake? I tried very hard to get q3demo to work on my system but
couldn't :(

> I want to Burn My mp3's to a cd 
> and make a audio cd.
> No not a cd of mp3's dude An audio cd that works on
> cd player.

The CD Writing HOWTO tells you how to burn audio CDs.

> Is there anythi same which can make a iso or whatever 
> the format is  which I can burn.

mkisofs will make an iso filesystem for you. Audio CDs do not contain an
iso filesystem.

bye :)