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Re: Mysql

1sssssssstttt hain aap to !!!!

All this time I had be talking of the root/equilant account in MySQL !!!!

Anyway, since u r so far from the cgi reality.......I'll repeat.....
I have a table with info on all the users.....name address email etc.
I want that a user could change only his own record.

so i create a user account....say
grant select,update on userinfo to "amitsoni@%" identified by

This is the minimum access i can grant to the user. But he still has access
to the entire table !!
And I cant set mysql to allow access only from my server. As i need to take
backups at my office/home.
So I'll have to have a Mysql username + password in my cgi application.
I wanna avoid that. Raju has suggested something high fi in  pgp...which i
am trying to understand !

As for the creating table thing.
I'll need to a  create and destroy a  temp table everytime the user decides
to change his name...errr..i mean anything.
I'm looking for a better way.

> MySql works independant of the system accounts. It's default port is a
> non priviledged one. You can create as many user accounts as you feel
> like and you can set per user ACL's for each table. Just create another
> table and userid on MySql and then set appropriate priviledges for that
> user for whatever table it needs to access.
> Mithun