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Re: Mysql

This is what i am already doing !!!

What i want to avoid is embeding the root/equivalant user password in my cgi

Ofcoz, I know that 1st of all obtaining the cgi application the reverse
engineering it and extracting the root password in no joke....But if i could
give it a try.....someone else could too ! ;o)

In your solution too....my cgi app must have a root/equi password in it...to
connect to mysql.

Anyway thanx for the effort!

> Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Mysql

> > I wanna setup a very simple database of user
> > infomation name,address, email
> > etc in mysql.
> >...
> > 1. He can Insert into the userinformation table.
> You can make an HTML form and take all the information
> and Insert that data onto the Table ( suppose Authen)
> > 2. He can modify the contents of  all coloumns in
> > userinfomation table where
> > userid=hisuserid.
> Now make another HTML form, wherein take appropriate
> information to Update. Use the following SQL
> Update Authen
> where UserID = hisuserID
> set xyzField = xyzValue
> go
> note:
> take hisuserdID from session, and xyzValue from the
> form.
> I guess this will solve UR problem. :)
> I haven't used mySQL much the above SQL should run on
> any RDBMS.
> Regards